While I was at Art.com, I was asked to create a new feature on the mobile app. The primary intention was to have this work seamlessly with a  phone's photo library and to be able to take a picture from digital to large format printed and framed art. 
Art.Com Photo Editor Tool
Challenges here were how to make the UI look like there was enough functionality to guide the user how to use the interface, but still have it scale down to a smaller resolution and not have a clunky, crowded interface.
Another challenge was to create a user flow that would be already intuitive for a potential customer to use. Below are some examples of the user flow in an image taken, edited, put in the shopping cart, and having a frame added to it. These are the actual screenshots from the app.

Other challenges were having a consistent design treatment work across the various sizes of devices. In the below, I'm showing the iPhone SE with the notoriously tiny screen.

Challenges with Different Aspect Ratios
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