Kinect for Windows: Pepsi
While working at Kinect© for Windows, I picked up the vending machine concept for Pepsi. I was the sole UX designer providing both the experience in wireframes and visual design.  The project was developed into a deck and pitched to the Pepsi experience design team who picked up the designs and UX to build a limited run of prototypes.
Key Interactions
I worked on the interaction of the machine closely with the creative director. The idea was to gameify and idealize the experience with compelling animation, when the consumer walks towards the vending machine, the depth perception sensor would automatically change to the main menu. Using his hands to hover over selections, the consumer could order and flip through his options on the display. Besides vending, there were other options to gift a drink to a friend, redeem a gift, and to play Kinect © enhanced games. 
Visual Design
Since Pepsi is a global brand, I had a lot of fun with the idea of fizzy effervescent and using Photoshop to show off their identity with dramatic lighting and branded blue color palate. The intention was to incorporate animation so the main screen  would have Katy Perry dance in and out of frame while menu items slightly hovered in space.
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