Pepsi Interactive Vending Machine

Created UX and UI for concept project working with global brand Pepsi.

CONTEXTUAL: Screens are placed in roughly sketched environment to illustrate scale of artwork and also the environment that the interactions would take place. 
User uses voice commands to select his option from the animated UI vending screen
Menu takes him to the Purchase screen, where customer can use gesture to swipe through and voice commands to make final selection
VISUAL DESIGN: This was the meat of my project as it was my passion to take the brand experience in a rich, colorful way with full-screen visual effects. The ambient screen shows a video simulating a waterfall and the vending screen shows Katy Perry  in and out around the beverage choices. The concept was to take the current Pepsi spokesperson and have them as part of the experience, not only providing entertainment, but also prompting the customer in line on how to use the machine.
Katy Perry greets customer in the main screen, prompting them to make a selection and Engage in the experience
An early concept was to create a Games part of the UX, using the Kinect enabled technology to get the customer in the experience
The Purchase screens uses both gesture and voice technology, powered by Kinect, to enable purchase and selection
The Edit mode of the Purchase screen, where the customer uses gesture to make changes to their selection
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