Kinect Enhanced Yoga Journal App

This is a concept project I developed after working on a Kinect-enhanced experience I had done at Microsoft for a global fitness brand. I liked taking the concept and applying it for the yoga enthusiast at home. I used Yoga Journal as a hypothetical brand for this project and outlined features to set-up an account, dashboard, and workout selection. The Kinect is best known for being used in fitness applications with the Xbox. This application is meant for a desktop or television where your account and settings can be managed online. The Kinect is incorporated with the application log-in and control commands. The feature I focus on in particular is the voice controls allowing the user to to open and close the control panels and to go through selected screens without having to use a mouse and keyboard. I included wireframes to show a clear flow of the log-in experience and what the dashboard and work-out selection could look like.

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