Gatorade Vending Project

I worked with a group within the Pepsi Interactive division to come up with the UX and branding concept of an interactive vending machine. I did a version with Pepsi that had a large-scale animation of a celebrity used to entice the customer to the machine. In this version, I did Serena Williams for Gatorade, kept the trademark neon colors on black, and gave the aesthetic and minimal, dark themed modern look.

Opening Screen: Main Menu selection
Opening Screen: Main Menu options with an animated Serena Williams playing tennis in the background behind drink choices.
Select Beverages Screen: Customer can select drink number, drink type, and gift/purchase in bulk at the time of selection.
Edit Order Screen: This screen shows an interim screen where customer can edit their selection, gift the drink,  or cancel completely.
Final Purchase: This screen shows the customer's final payment screen.
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